Leadership in Urban Transformation

We are very excited to be offering the Leadership In Urban Transformation (LUT) certificate course through the University of Pretoria in 2019. This will be the fourth year of running a Cape Town cohort for this engaging course.

This course is designed to equip urban practitioners connected with urban challenges with values, knowledge and skills, that will enable them to serve as incarnational and transformational urban leaders, able to read, re-imagine and reconstruct their communities, with many other people. The course will draw from stories of hope locally and around the world.

Who may attend: People working in faith-based organisations, community organisations, or urban Churches (community, non-profit and church leaders), or generally committed to urban transformation that is socially inclusive; and who have matriculated and have a two or three year diploma or degree.

Structure and duration of course: This is a one year programme with five weeks of contact tuition. Written assignments are done after every intensive week to be submitted before the next intensive contact week. Each module will consist of theory, practical exercises, and in – depth reflection and integration of information.


Dates of Contact Weeks:

Week 1:           11 – 14 Feb 2019

Week 2:           06 – 09 May 2019

Week 3:           17 – 20 Jun 2019

Week 4:           26 – 29 Aug 2019

Week 5:           28 – 31 Oct 2019


Venue: Primarily at the Warehouse along with other sites in Cape Town

Cost: R9000 for the five intensive contact sessions


Please email caroline@warehouse.org.za for more information or to sign up!

Author: The Warehouse

The Warehouse is an organisation based in Cape Town, South Africa, that is passionate about societal transformation through an engaged and justice-centered church. We seek to achieve this vision by inspiring, equipping and connecting churches to become a transforming and transformative presence in their communities through effectively addressing poverty, injustice and division. We hope that you will join us on this journey!

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